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Talent. Drive. Dedication. Experience. DJ Xtreme...

With 15 years experience, and audiences ranging from 100 to 100,000, it's no wonder DJ Xtreme has been called the best DJ in the South East.

Like a lot of deejays, Xtreme got his start in his home state of New York, working backyard and basement parties. From there he went on to weddings, clubs, and live performances; steadily growing and gaining his way in the music industry.

He has deejayed in many areas of the nation, from New York to Georgia, Arizona to Las Vegas just to name a few.

A multi genre DJ, with a an arsenal full of all the latest and most requested songs, as well as exclusive DJ Xtreme remixes, he has everything needed to please any crowd and fuel each event with an energy that carries you long after the party stops.

Often referred to as the Mash Up King of the South, DJ Xtreme once again displays his versatility and skill, turning out amazing mash up tracks that make the body move and leave you begging for more.

Known for his ability to switch seamlessly from Hip Hop to Top 40, then all the way across the board to House and Dubstep, DJ Xtreme can make even the most selective crowds and venues thrive and sets the mood for any event.

DJ Xtreme has been touring the club scene, nationwide, for 10 years now, and is currently signed with Sobel Records.

Xtreme has also worked with Clear Channel in several states as the promotional DJ for their events and presently hosts an international miixshow for WildCat FM

In addition to all of his work as a DJ, Xtreme also has several underground albums available. They contain mostly original remixes and collaborations include:

T-Pain 50 Cent Justin Timberlake Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Beyonce Jay Z DMX Akon Sean Kingston Sean Paul Madonna Cascada Ludacris Usher Kanye West Kesha Lady Gaga And many more!

All productions are available on Journey to the Unknown, first released in August 2006 and currently up to Vol.6. All remixes are produced by DJ Xtreme.

Additional credits include being the #1 DJ in the state of Arizona for 2 yrs in a row and he is currently rated one of the most requested DJ in the states of Georgia, Arizona, and the South East region.

Experience, big name tracks, and hard work have earned DJ Xtreme the following and reputation that has given him a spot among the tops.

"Music is not only my profession but my life as well. The feeling of moving a crowd and keeping the vibe going is what drives me. As long as there is a beat in my head and a crowd in the club you will find DJ Xtreme in all the hottest clubs across the world"