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Born in the beautiful Island of Trinidad and Tobago to the warm Beach State of California. This accomplished Dj has spun all over the world, but calls Saint Louis his hometown. He has done shows and club events in Nyc, Seattle, Boston, Florida, California,Las Vegas, Germany, England. His Passion for Music began at the age of eleven with two crates of records.It has grown him into a Career that provides over 200 events annually for his talent. Deejromeo was raised on California Rap Groups like NWA and RUN DMC, Rock hip-hop and Reggae. Romeo Developed his turntable mixing skills from his uncle Gary,then Romeo Developed his own unique style of mixing and uses a lot of blending and scratching along witth his smoothing blending. Romeo Family is Musically talented with his uncle being one of the biggest touring sound system djs, to make speakers for night clubs and install sound system for clubs. Romeo have been behind the decks for 11 years now and every day he produce music and Videos for a range of record pools. And individuals, and companies. During the day Romeo will be in his studio remixing or making videos for his sets or for record pools, djs, companies, associates, Romeo have been residents at several clubs during the 2008 era under Future star djs and Record label, now dj Romeo is running his own business with one Manager Craig Brian.

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